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Maine Event Comedy at Andy's Old Port Pub

Jan. 27 Tickets

Andy's Old Port Pub

MEC presents Rob Steen at Lewiston Elks

Maine Event Comedy presents nationally touring comedian Rob Steen at the Lewiston Elks lodge, Saturday, January 27 at 8 p.m. The show will feature Massachusetts' Ralphie Joyal and New Hampshire's Nick Lavallee. Steen has been drawing crowds since becoming a street...

Maine Event Comedy at Baxter Brewing
Baxter Brewing

MEC presents Phoebe Angle at Baxter Brewing

Maine Event Comedy presents Boston's Phoebe Angle at Baxter Brewing, Friday, February 2 at 7 p.m. She'll be joined by Mark Reilly, Sam Pelletier, Jed Bloom, and Mariel Cabral. Angle is a comedian with more than just fantastic hair. A rural Maine transplant, now living...

Maine Event Comedy at Johnson Hall

Feb. 9 Tickets

Somerset Abbey

MEC presents Dennis Fogg at Somerset Abbey

Maine Event Comedy presents 25-year comedy veteran Dennis Fogg at Somerset Abbey, Friday, February 9 at 7 p.m. The show will also feature Portland's Mark Reilly and Mike Levinsky, and local favorite Jarrod LeBlanc. Fogg’s comedy and restaurant, Uncle Andy’s Diner in...

Maine Event Comedy at Johnson Hall

Feb. 10 Tickets

Johnson Hall
Maine Event Comedy at Bear Bones Beer
Bear Bones Beer

Nugget, the official Tightest Five mascot!

Maine Event Comedy at Baxter Brewing
Baxter Brewing
Maine Event Comedy at Baxter Brewing

March 10 Tickets

Johnson Hall
Maine Event Comedy at Bear Bones Beer
Bear Bones Beer

Nugget, the official Tightest Five mascot!

Maine Event Comedy at Baxter Brewing
Baxter Brewing
Maine Event Comedy at Baxter Brewing
Johnson Hall


Hi, I’m Mark Turcotte

I began performing stand-up comedy in blah, blah, blah – who cares. That’s not why you’re here. If you want to learn more about me, feel free to make your homepage and share the link in your ‘reply all’ emails at work.

I created Maine Event Comedy (MEC for the acronym savvy) as a vehicle to showcase some of the best comedians from the Pine Tree State and beyond. I say ‘beyond’ because it turns out a lot of comics from not-Maine enjoy performing here. They regularly request opportunities to make you discharge pricey beverages from your nostrils and I’m happy to oblige.

In just a couple short years – seriously, they were like 237 days – MEC has grown from a one venue operation to something I can barely control. It’s like trying to handle a moray eel after eating a big pile of curly fries. You know the feeling.

Along with private parties, corporate events, and fundraisers, MEC produces recurring shows at several venues throughout the state – from Madison to Lewiston – from craft breweries to historic theaters – and we’re growing by the week. Heck, we even have stickers!

If you, your friend, or anyone in your ‘reply all’ list would like to hire MEC, please complete the contact form at the bottom of the page. And while you’re here, scroll down and check out some of the nice things people were NOT paid to say about MEC.

Thanks for reading all that – here’s a photo of my dogs, Amber & Nugget.


Maine Event Comedy has become a highlight for our season at Johnson Hall. Mark Turcotte’s perfect blend of professionalism, high standards and incredible understanding of how to present comedy is why we love to partner with Maine Event Comedy. These shows bring in the biggest cross-section of audience for us. From millennials to 30-somethings to Baby Boomers, they all love Maine Event Comedy and so do we. I highly recommend Mark and his cast of crazies if you want a fun, exciting and highly successful performance.

Michael R. Miclon

Executive/Artistic Director, Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center

Maine Event Comedy is a monthly highlight at Baxter. There’s a large, dedicated crowd that try to make every show and ask us way in advance when the next show is, so with first Fridays, we’re really looking forward to next year. The comedians have all been great. They like to point out that Chris and I wear kilts and we try to humor them with a shout of “Freedom!” Mark is a great host, always managing to get awesome comedians as well as MCing the events!

Andy Bielecki

Tap Room Manager, Baxter Brewing

Mark Turcotte is the hilarious host of Maine Event Comedy. He always delivers a great group of comedians month after month to my venue. He never lets me down. Mark himself is smart, funny, and thoughtful with his comedy; and sometimes thought-provoking. I always enjoy laughing along with Mark.

Stacy O’Brien

Owner, Somerset Abbey

Mark Turcotte consistently brings quality comics to 49 Franklin’s Mystic Theater. It’s an adult night out and the comics know how to do adult comedy in a professional manner. In fact, quite a few have made it to the national stage. The value in a Maine Event Comedy night can be just what the doctor ordered. Date night, guy’s night, girl’s night, whatever you call it, there’s nothing better than a good belly laugh to make a night out really special!

Scot Grassette

Owner, 49 Franklin’s Mystic Theater

Mark, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Teachers were horrified by most of the comedians but the graduates LOVED them and that’s who we were aiming to please! Thank you, thank you!

Project Graduation Show

Belfast HIgh School

International Paper’s employee Christmas Party jingled with laughter thanks to Mark Turcotte and Kelly MacFarland, who were both hysterical and entertaining. Mark made it incredibly simple to book the event at a very busy time of year. Much appreciated and highly recommended!

Sheri Verville

International Paper

Mark Turcotte is reliable, professional, and hilarious. We have been working with him to host monthly comedy shows for over a year and his company keeps raising the bar. Turcotte has helped to shape the comedy scene statewide and single-handedly crafted the behemoth that is Maine Event Comedy. Our customers look forward to each month’s event and get excited when they see their favorite comics’ names pop up on the monthly flyers and posters. Turcotte has cobbled together an amazing pool of local comedians and brings a network of out-of-state comedians to booked shows to freshen things up. As a company that is all about creating a strong local community and refining your craft (whatever craft that may be), we have found a great match in Maine Event Comedy.

Nico Ducharme

Retail Manager, Bear Bones Beer


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Mark Turcotte
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